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Rachel Bowditch

Rachel Bowditch is a great artist here in the Phoenix Metro area.  Here show Transfix was part of this past Fringe Festival.  Visit her website to look at her artwork.


She has one image in particular which is very good, but could use a little more contrast.

The first thing I did was add a Curves Adjustment Layer and Darkened just the darks.

This however made the mountain behind her too dark.  A lot of detail was lost.

I added a nother curves layer and purposefully masked out everything except the mountain (the part in white) that way the new Curves Adjustment Layer would only affect the mountain.  I then made the mountain lighter.  Notice I also played with the transperancy of the Adjustment Layer.  Curves are hard to get just right.  I found a range I liked and played with the transparency of the layer to fine tune it.

The next step is to darken the sky.  Using another Curves adjustment layer and a mask I darkened only the sky.

Finally I added back some detail into the figure as she was getting washed out

Below is the final image, after corrections.

This would be a great image to add some color to.  However before we do this we have to change this from a Black and White image to a color image.

Go to Image/Mode/RGB Color (computer monitors are RGB based, since this is an image meant for the internet we will select RGB color)

In a different tutorial we will add color into the image.

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