Final Project

Creating a Photographic Series: Plan and direct this idea. It should not be candid or casual.
Due Date: Tuesday May 4th Beginning of Class
Here are 3 themes your Final Project can explore.

Environment Portrait: This project will integrate a person with a place. The goal is to show the relationship between the person and the environment. This works best if you choose a place that reflects the person such as a home or work environment or a place that holds meaning for them. Remember to control your elements and details. Camera tools such as wide angle or telephoto, lighting, and design elements all can influence the look and meaning of the image. Begin simply and make sure you are in control of your idea.

Self Portrait–Create Your Own Identity: This could be a literal physical description or an interpretation of your frame of mind. This is a great time to become your alter ego as well. This is about a personality, it’s not a drivers license. You can include environment, props, etc to direct your audience.

The Body as Subject: From the sublime to the outrageous, the human body has been a vehicle for expression for centuries. The body can be used to represent gender, age, emotion, or sexuality all without implying individuality. This will require you to define your own ideas about the body and its meaning. Be aware of how your work is influenced by history and contemporary culture.

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