Project 4

Frame, Design and Background

You always make a decision, make it a concious one.

Due Date:  Tuesday, April 6th beginning of class.

After we have made a decision about what our subject matter is and we have decided on the initial framing.  The next step is to determine the best way to organize and present the idea.  The idea should be your guide.  Determine what you want the photograph to communicate and try to make all of your choices support that idea.

The decisions may be clear and simple or visually complex depending on your choice of subject matter.  Here are some of the decisions that may be considered.

Background:  Do the non-subject elements enhance or distract from the idea.  Which choices can you make to make sure the background supports or at least does not interfere with the subject?

Basic Design:  Can you organize the image to take advantage of basic design elements, such as-

Rhythm and Patterns

Emphasis (what is the focus of the image)



Due Date:  Tuesday, April 6th beginning of class.

What is due?

Six images in a folder with your name and a contact sheet with 32 images.  You will be graded on the 6 images and points and completion of a contact sheet with 32 images.  Shot at least 32 images so that you can create the contact sheet and have images to choose from.

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