Intro to Graphic Art

José Zárate *email is preferred method of contact
Phone: 480-461-7524 *Art Office phone number

Art 100 Summer I 2010

MW:  7:10 PM – 9:50 PM

Mesa Community College

Course Description:

Conceptualization, visualization, and production of art using the computer.
This course will allow students to gain skills in use and operation of computer illustration software.

*  Students will be notified by the instructor of any changes in course requirements or policy.

*  Student is responsible for understanding the information in the syllabus

*  Student is responsible for understanding and following the College Policies included in the College Catalog and Student Handbook

Course Objectives:

The course is designed to develop the following competencies:

1.  Operate a computer

2.  Differentiate between network and hard drive access.

3.  Manipulate art and graphics using the computer.

4.  Describe principles of menu commands.

5.  Use tools available in the software package.

6.  Execute art and design projects electronically.

7.  Use various electronic input devices.

Resource Materials (purchase only those you need or want for reference):

USB Flash Drive

Sketch Book

Demo versions of Adobe Photoshop, Image Ready, and Illustrator CS (available free through

Attendance and Withdrawal Policy:

Attendance is required for both lecture and lab.  Prompt attendance will significantly impact the student’s ability to fulfill the requirements of the course.  For that reason, the instructor will drop your grade one full letter (10%) for two (2) unexcused absences.  The instructor reserves the right to drop students on the 3rdunexcused absence.  Every two (2) unexcused tardy’s will result in a 5% penalty to your overall grade.  Additionally, attendance and tardiness will be taken into consideration for students “falling between two grades.”

Evaluation of Student Performance (Grades):

Each art assignment and test/exam will be worth a designated number of points indicated on the assignment summary.  Projects are due at the time and on the due date indicated.  Learning to plan for and meet deadlines is an important component of the business world.  Projects turned in after the deadline will be penalized a minimum of 5% and projects that are, will drop one full letter grade for each week late.  The instructor reserves the right to curve the grades.  Attendance is computed as part of your total points earned.  At the end of the semester the points earned divided by the total points possible will determine the student’s grade”

  • 90%-100%  = A
  • 80%-89%    = B
  • 70%-79%    = C
  • 60%-69%    = D
  • Below 60% = F

Grade for the course is based on:

  • Prompt attendance to all lectures
  • Completion of all projects and exercises
  • Prompt submission of projects
  • Participation in class demonstrations, discussions and critiques


If anyone in this class has a documented disability, including a learning disability, and would like to discuss possible accommodations, please see me or contact Disability Resources and Services in Building 37as soon as possible.  They can be contacted at 480-461-7447.

Electronic Devices:

Students may NOT disrupt the classroom environment with personal electronic devices such as pagers or cellular phones.  Please turn them off during class.

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