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Photo Retouching

June 22, 2010 Leave a comment

We are going to take a black and white image like the one below and retouch it so that it is not scratched using the stamp tool.

Copy this image and paste it into a new document in Photoshop.

An overview on brushes.  You have many different types of brushes in Photoshop, be sure to explore them, but the basics first.  If select the brush icon in your tool bar the brush settings appear in your Options Window/Toolbar.  Here you can make your brush bigger, smaller, adjust its opacity, and like in illustrator adjust its blending option.

Open up the Flamingo picture with the big scratch.  There are two tools that we can use to clean up this photo, one is the stamp tool and the other is the Heal tool.  The stamp tool will take a portion of your image and stamp it to another portion of your imate.  The Heal tool will take a portion of your image and stamp it down on another portion of your image and try to match the hue and saturation of the surrounding image you are stamping down on.  To use either tool, Hold down Option and click on the screen on the area you want to copy from and then just click on the area you want to copy to.  Make sure to Option Click, otherwise you either wont have anything to copy and stamp or you will keep stamping down  the same area over and over again.

Use the Stamp tool to Option click on an area next to the scratch and then click on the scratch to stamp the selected area onto the scratch. Your results should be similar to the ones below.  In areas where the shading is more important use the Heal tool instead, making sure to Option Click on the area you want to copy and then click on the area you want to fix/heal. In a few minutes I was able to fix part of the image

Once you are done the image should look something like the image below.   Next we will select the body of the flamingo and make it pink.

There are a couple of different selection tools in Photoshop.  Once is the Lasso Tool, this allows you to create a free form selection around a part of your image.  The other is the Marquee tool and this allows you to create a rectangular or oval selection in your image (depending on which you have selected)  A more powerful selection tool is the Magic Wand Tool, this allows you to click on your image, and by setting the tolerance level on it, select areas in your image that are similar in color.

First Select the Magic Wand Tool and in the Option Tool Bar at the top notice that its tolerance is 32, this is pretty good to start with.  If you want to select more raise this number, to select less lower it.  With the Magic Wand Tool select on the bright white back of the flamingo.  Next hold down Shift and keep clicking on different areas of the flamingo, if you click on a particular area and it adds a lot, just press Apple Z to undo the command.  When you are done what you want to see is a selection around your entire Flamingo that looks like ants marching.  Below you can see that there are areas that need to be cleaned up, we will use the Lasso Tool to do this.

Without clicking on the image, switch to the Lasso Tool.  To clean up areas like the head where the selection grew outside of it, hold down the ALT key so that you get the Minus sign and deselect around the beak.  In the same fashion, if you deselect too much or want to add, hold down the SHIFT key and you will get a plus sign that will add to your selection.  This is the cleaned up selection around the head.

Next with the flamingo selected we are going to save the selection so we can come back to it as needed.  Go to Select/Save Selection and name it something like Flamingo

To access our selection you need to open up the Channels Window.  Go to Window/Channels and at the bottom you should see your new Channel wich is an outline of your Flamingo

Next we will adjust the color of your flamingo.  With the flamingo still selected go to your layers window and at the bottom of th Layer Window Click on the Adjustment Layer button the Circle cut in half by a diagonal line and apply a Color Balance Adjustment Layer.

Use the different sliders to adjust the colors to your liking, I made my flamingo a bit purple, and as you can see because we have the flamingo selected the only portion of the image that gets the color adjustment is the flamingo.

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