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Michael Salvatore Tierney

February 4, 2010 Comments off

Michael Salvatore Tierney overexposes a lot of his images to get the color bleeding effect.  He does this purposefully and controls the effect and creates some awesome abstract compositions with color and light.

“Incidence and Reflection

Aesthetic arrest is the primary goal of my work. I seek to capture and momentarily suspend the viewer by achieving a balance between abstraction and representation.

The images of “Incidence and Reflection” were made by extracting and deconstructing elements of architectural interiors from municipal buildings around Southern California. The choice to focus on municipal structures, with their distinctively unique color palette, severe angular lines, reflective surfaces, and intense and often harsh lighting was both formal and conceptual. The acrylic face and aluminum back mounting of the photos further abstract the work, taking in light and bouncing it out again, glowing with the color of the prints; this looks back to cast resin sculptures from the sixties and other minimal work. I am interested in creating photographs that can also be viewed as objects.

California art of the 60’s and 70’s and the preceding and concurrent architecture of that period are continuous sources of influence for me. Before turning to photography, I created color field paintings; this work continues to have a profound effect on my vision as a photographer.”