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Quick Photo Tip 1

January 23, 2010 Comments off

Get Closer

Usually people photograph their subject from too far away. Think about why you wanted to take the photograph and what attracted you to take the shot. Do you want to show what a nice deck this person has or are you interested in taking a photograph of the lady cooking? If your aim is to photograph the person, get closer, either by zooming in or just walking closer to the person. In my opinion I prefer the shot on the right, having said that, look at how distracting those red chairs are. They are peeking in from the right side of the image. Your eyes are kinda drawn to them and because we are only shown a small portion of them we kinda wonder what they are. I would have panned the camera slightly to the left to eliminate the red chairs while keeping the focus on the lady grilling.
Try this with the close-up picture on the right. Take your left hand and cover the photograph on the left so you cant see it and take your right hand and cover the chairs with it. Notice how your eyes are now drawn straight to the ladies face. Compositionally you now have a nice U shape that starts at the top of the grill goes down to the food and up to the ladies face. Repeating the U the window frame creates in the background.
The placement of the window between the lady and the grill in the background is a nice little touch in the composition.

Look at the background
Move around your subject and find a background that compliments it. I do like the juxtaposition of the guy on his cellphone while there’s a payphone right behind him. but look at the background on the image on the left. The whole top right portion of the image is blown out. We can kinda tell there’s a tree there but the bright sunlight coming in is jarring and unattractive. The image on the right keeps the spirit of the shot, but now we have a background that compliments the subject. Compositionally speaking I would pan the camera a little to the left, there’s a lot of dead space to the right of the payphone but more importantly the man seems a bit crowded on the right side. Use your hands again to view only the image on the right and notice how the man feels crowded. The payphone which is much smaller than the man is given a lot of breathing room to the right of it while the man is given about half as much.

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