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Photoshop Filters and SmarFilters

April 2, 2010 Leave a comment

You can use filters in Photoshop to add effects to your image.

If you are working with your original you may want to use Smart Filters.

Open the image of Yoda that you Color Corrected and once open go to Filters/Convert for Smart Filter.

This converts the image into a Smart Object, which will allow you to go back to the Filter Menu and add a Filter, like Cut Out and it will add is as an effect in the Layers Menu, this will allow you to turn it on of off depending on wether or not you like it.  And if you dont like it you can drag it to the trash can and delete it.

As you can see you can also stack Filters on top of each other and you can adjust them after you have applied them. And by double clicking on the slider within the layer you can adjust Opacity of the effect and the blending mode.   By clicking on the Name, it will allow you to readjust the filter.

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